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My goal is to mix everything I can in my Shakeology so I get it all in one drink (). However, I did use the Energy Boost this morning just mixing it in water, and it has a light chocolate flavor, but I liked it better just in my Shakeology! It gave me a boost of energy, and kept me going for the day without getting the jitters! I also had the Digestive Health this afternoon post workout in my Shakeology.

The flavor of my shake was unchanged. The Power Greens ()… perfect for people who like juicing, you will love it! Extra greens, extra nutrients. Like putting kale and spinach in Shakeology without tasting them! I probably won’t use these every day, but will save them for days when I’m extra busy, and may not be able to eat the right foods, and also while I’m traveling.

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Beachbody has a wide variety of Supplements to choose from. Additionally, it can be hard to find the right one(s) for you. Below we have detailed and broken down the supplements currently available on Beachbody. Recharge is designed to be taken at bedtime to assist your body with muscle recovery, promoting muscle growth, and preventing muscle breakdown.

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