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For me, my favorites are the vegan tropical strawberry and the vanilla. I use them to make smoothies and even what I call a smoothie bowl, with my Shakeology mixed with yogurt. Yum!! Not only does this give me a tasty treat throughout the day, but, combined with my Beachbody workouts, I have been able to lose 50 pounds over the last two years and keep it off!! My husband, on the other hand, is on the go in the morning and never has time for breakfast. .

So, for him, he uses it as a meal replacement and can eat less while still maintaining his healthy body weight. With one packet a day, you can add all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals your regular diet may be lacking, while adding in probiotics and the benefits of the premium superfoods found inside each shake.

Toss in some spinach, throw in some coconut oil or I’ll also use my shakes to fuel me for days I know I’ll be on my feet a lot, for when I don’t have time to pack tupperware for a meal to-go, and even as a pre or post workout snack.

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If you have been researching up on fitness programs or health supplements, chances are you may have heard of Team Beachbody. A big name in the wellness industry, Team Beachbody offers everything that any fitness and health enthusiast cares for: fitness programs, coaching, merchandise, and of course, nutrition plans and products.

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But that’s not all – Shakeology offers other health benefits, which is nicely broken down to appeal to our various needs. First of all, people who are looking to lose weight can expect to find what they need with Shakeology, as the superfood is specially formulated to help one feel fuller and reduce the desire to eat.

That massive amount of faith in your product has to come from somewhere, and we’re really keen to see if Shakeology passes the test. Let’s get to the fun part and tear apart Shakeology’s ingredient list to see how beneficial the product really is. Shakeology contains a wide variety of ingredients to provide the full range of benefits promised.

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Checking out Shakeology’s benefits got us hooked too, and our detailed investigation of the ingredient list didn’t disappoint us. Not to mention that we also had a great time checking out the different flavors. However, the one thing that we weren’t really thrilled by is the price – . Shakeology is really very, very expensive compared to other shakes out there, but we believe that you’re paying for decent quality.

This is going to help to keep you regular, improve your digestive health, and keep you feeling full longer. This boost is unique because of its blend of both soluble and insoluble fiber (). If you know you need a little boost in one of these areas these will help you out.

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